Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i have great posture

I got myself a Wii Fit yesterday. I got it all set up and did some of the easiest bits. There's really not enough space in our living room for a few of those exercises, though. Someday, when we've turned the basement into a game and movie room, that'll be ideal. There is currently plenty of room for jogging in place, at least, which is oddly compelling with this system. So weird.

Our house currently contains the Birdie, the Regular Dog, and a Visiting Dog, and all three of them were very interested in my Wii Fit activities. The bird even joined in, by sitting on my shoulder during the balance test. Visiting Dog contributed by spreading out on the floor exactly where my back foot needed to go when I attempted the Warrior Pose. Wii Fit + pets = extra challenge!

In other news, I am so glad that the sun came back. It's been miserable and dreary for, what, three days now? And as a result, I've been miserable and dreary. I wonder how warm it is outside? If I can sit outside at lunchtime, my dreams will come true!

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