Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Bird clothes! Also, yummy food.

We put clothes on the bird this weekend!

Honest. At the suggestion of the breeder, we ordered something called a "flight suit", which is basically a little birdy vest + diaper combo, to which you can attach a leash. It sounds ridiculous the first time you hear about it, but we went with it. Because if we can get him used to it, it will be so much easier for us to take him with us to visit people. I have a feeling that our parents and friends would not mind a bird visitor if they can be assured that he won't poo on everything. And with the leash, we can take him for walks! Or at least into the backyard, which is what we did on Sunday.

Jess and Dan came by in the afternoon that day, and we took Maui out back for about an hour, to take advantage of the brief period of absolutely beautiful weather. The bird spent most of that time chewing on the velcro that held him into the suit, but he didn't seem unhappy. Just curious and a bit confused. Jess was even able to distract him for a few minutes at a time, with rocking, or her reflective sunglasses, or a few lines of "Lydia, The Tattooed Lady." So that seems like progress to me!

Aside from bird-related activities, about the only thing we did this weekend was eat awesome hamburgers. We went to this bar in Federal Hill that Lacey had found, where along with the menu they provide a clipboard with a build-your-own-burger checklist. They also have spiked milkshakes. And waffle fry nachos. The food was so excellent, that we fully intend to go back there, even though the service that we were given was probably the worst that any of us have ever experienced. To the guy's credit, he was polite throughout, so it wasn't an attitude thing. He was just a truly terrible waiter. We hope that his boss will recognize this and take action before we next attempt to eat there.

ETA: Oh my goodness, I just scrolled further down that page I linked about the flightsuit, and I just noticed that they sell MONOGRAMMED SWEATERS for birds. No, we will not be purchasing one of those.

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