Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

The weekend of Every Birthday

Oh, that was a good weekend. We got to spend time with friends, which has been far too rare lately, and the weather was not stupid cold, and we ate far too much restaurant food.

Friday night we celebrated rob's birthday by meeting up with a big group of people and taking advantage of the Aquarium's friday-night $8 tickets. We mostly spent time looking at rays and sharks and exploring Australia and the rainforest. I actually saw the sloths in the rainforest, for the first time ever! They were moving around and everything. After the aquarium, Sharif and I went for a drink and some appetizers with Rowan and Kristi . . . at the Hard Rock Cafe, just because it was close and had beer and had tables available. I fear we bored Kristi, since most of our talk ended up being about Fallout 3. But Rowan only recently got the game, and he has apparently been needing to talk about the experience. Rowan and Kristi went home after that, but Sharif and I went on to Heather's place, where the birthday celebrations were continuing with Jaws and ice cream cake. So that was fun.

Saturday I got to sleep in while Sharif worked in the morning, and then we got to watch the previous night's episode of Battlestar (Oh so good). Dan's birthday dinner that night in Bowie, where we got to spend time with more people that we haven't seen often enough lately. So that was fun, and I didn't even really mind that our waiter was basically terrible.

Sharif had been hoping to go see his mom on Sunday, for HER birthday, but she wasn't feeling well and he decided to go up for lunch today instead. So yesterday we went to the mall to do some errrands we'd been putting off. We decided to go see Coraline while we were there, which was so great. The 3-D was more cool and immersive than it was gimmicky, and the whole thing was fun. And legitimately spooky. I highly recommend seeing it in 3-D if you can . . . I think it only has a couple more weeks in theatres in that format.

Today is MY mom's birthday, so we'll be congregating at the parents' place after work for the appropriate celebrations. Fingers crossed that this afternoon at work goes as quickly as this morning has.

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