Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Quick peek

Today: Final packing up of the office in preparation for the move. Still getting requests to accomplish actual work.

Tonight: Decorating the parents' christmas tree. Homemade soup. Beer. Later, Fallout 3.

Tomorrow: Not much, followed by ilyAIMY at the Old Bowie Town Grille.

Sunday: I don't know yet! The possibilities are numerous! So probably more video gaming.

I've tagged the sweet flatscreen monitor from a departing coworker's desk. It shall be delivered to my new space instead of this giant one I currently have. My goal for this afternoon is to finish packing before my normal quittin' time. Once all my stuff is boxed up, I obviously won't be able to do any more work. So out the door I wil go.

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