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With fingernails that shine like justice . . .

My socks say "JOANNA is Polite, Sociable, Helpful, Poised." They are from London. I am frequently amused by the fact that I have socks that compliment me. However, I'm not entirely sure that "poised" is one of the first four adjectives someone (who wasn't a sock) would use to describe me. But hey, if my socks say it, it must be true!

I went shopping today and bought two shirts, two belts, two pairs of jeans, one lemonade, and Erica's birthday present. Hoo hah!
I need a second job. Or a hobby. Otherwise, I will either turn into a complete couch couscous, or spend all of my money on stuff I don't need that happen to catch my fancy at the mall.

I really like that Sprint commercial where the guy's wife tells him that she wants go hiking tomorrow, and he thinks that she told him to bring home Charo.

See? I watch too much TV.

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