Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

apparently i'm writing a review?

So I brought up the avatar creation already, because it feeds my inner Sims-lover, but I should probably mention that really the best thing about "The New XBox Experience" is the Netflix compatibility. Essentially, most things they have available to watch online are also available for instant viewing through the XBox. So I spent much of my lazy Sunday watching the first several episodes of 30 Rock. It works really well- which is more than I can say for my attempts to access my "instant queue" through my browser. I also really appreciate the fact that this system allows me to choose individual episodes from a menu. On the computer, I would usually try to move ahead to the next episode by skipping from chapter to chapter, and then I'd get an error message and have to start over. It just wasn't worth it.

There is still a very limited selection available, but I think there are plenty of choices. Many of them are things I'd like to see but would be on lower priority for me for delivered DVDs, and so they might well never arrive in my mailbox. But they're perfect to fill the time while I wait for my next Doctor Who disk. (I just started season 3.)

I'm glad we've started a short week. Hopefully it will also be a quiet one at the office. If tradition holds, we'll be leaving early on Wednesday, and I'm just concentrating on getting there. I think that Thanksgiving will be great this year- the usual crowd all accounted for, plus significant others for all of us "kids". I'm excited. And already hungry. Probably I will eat between now and Thursday, though. Like, in half an hour?

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