Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Yesterday was a nice day. It was also a good day. The first of those vague descriptions applies to the weather, while the second applies to the events of the day. In case you were wondering.

I spent several hours at the mall with Laura and Rohini. We spent a long time in the new store called "Skinmarket", where we tried on various fun kinds of makeup and related items, and I caved in and bought shimmery skin stuff, an activity to which I am not usually prone. We ate lunch at Z'Tejas, where we sat at a high table near the bar and counted shirt colors. We also got Laura a cell phone. Actually, Laura bought the cell phone while Rohini and I stood a little ways away and talked . . . occasionally about Family Ties.

After the mall, we came back to my house. Laura tried to activate her phone, and Rohini went home to go to Pathfinders. Because she's cool enough to have responsibilities, whereas Laura and I are the sort to sit around, eat stir-fry, and watch "Enterprise". In that order. Yup. Then we went to Barnes & Noble for coffee, where we met up with a friend of Laura's to whom I was introduced for the first time. He bought us both coffee, for which I am certain that I failed completely to thank him. Because I am a fool. A fool that appears to be an ungrateful wretch. Alas.

Today I will probably be meeting some kitties. That is nice. It is also good. There is a very good picture of Marmalade on my sister's website. I drew a picture from that photograph that I like very much. Perhaps later I will scan it in so that people can see it. Perhaps.

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