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People hate me because of the titles of the books I read.

My job is dangerous.

Right now you are nodding your head and thinking, "Yes, Joanna. Of course it is. You work on an airplane. Think of all of the things that could happen to you! Actually, don't. You'll just get scared and never want to fly again, which would be a problem as you've got to work both Saturday and Sunday." Or something along those lines.

But what I'm talking about is a very different matter. I'm talking about . . . sunburn. Yes. From spending my time in Cancun yesterday laying by the pool, my back is burned quite well. Especially right between my shoulder blades, which is a problem when I move my arms- something that I do fairly frequently. Youch.

I've got some more pictures that I'm going to put on my webpage later today.

In other news, I put my contacts in the wrong eyes this morning. An interesting experience, indeed. But I got it sorted out quickly enough. (And no "Whose eyes did you put them in?" jokes. I thought of that already.)

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