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About looking forward to

Previous Entry looking forward to Aug. 27th, 2008 @ 02:50 pm Next Entry
We recently saw a Carolina barbeque place featured on the Food Network, and Sharif got all excited- we're going to Raleigh this coming weekend, and damn does he love meat. Last night, we figured out that that place is located a mere seven miles from the hotel where we'll be staying. Beautiful. I forsee some pork in my future.

Before our trip out of town, I'm taking Friday off, in honor of my birthday. We're going to the State Fair! I hope the weather cooperates, because I'm looking forward to eating funnel cakes, petting some goats, and riding the ferris wheel. Those are the three things that I've specifically listed to each person I've told about the plan so far, but I'm fairly confident that I'll find other things that I will also enjoy. Petting some animals that aren't goats, for example.
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