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Previous Entry catching up Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 09:52 am Next Entry
I'm so tired. I've been tired for a couple of weeks now. I think I really really need this four-day weekend that's approaching. Four days off, including a birthday and some time out of town, and Sharif doesn't have to be at work for any of it. It's basically all that's occupying my thoughts right now.

This past weekend, I'll grant you, was pretty good. Saturday, we went to Sharif's parents' house in the afternoon, where we ate way too much lunch. Steaks, salad, corn on the cob, olives, fresh cilantro bunches with dipping sauce, rice. Then there were grapes and brownies. THEN there was a plate of cheese. And only a couple of hours later, his mom was asking if we wanted dinner before we left. (We said no.)

That night was an ilyAIMY show, and the next day I got to see Erica's play! I love Much Ado About Nothing, and obviously Beatrice is the best character, so it was pretty much awesome. Erica did so great, and I was impressed with the whole thing, especially considering that it was the first weekend of this group's first-ever production. Plus, it was a nice Sunday afternoon to spend outside in my camp chair, enjoying some Shakespeare.

After the play, I headed down Reisterstown Rd to drop in to bother Sharif at work. They were having an incredibly boring day. At least, until I got there. While I was there, I got to witness the Pre-Enraged Lady, the Bursting Of The Light Bulb In The Food Case, and the beginning of the Writing Up Of The Disobedient Employee. I left at that point.

We have a visiting doggie at the house this week, which is pretty exciting. Charlie is such a sweetheart. His brand of love is so different from our everyday doggie. Where Hans is like OHMYGODILOVEYOUANDIAMSOGLADTOSEEYOULOVELOVELOVE and jumps and licks and jumps and licks, Charlie comes over to you, climbs into whatever part of your lap is available, rolls onto his back, and gazes at you as you pet him. Adorable.
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