Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

oh man, i've only been here for two hours

I'm on my third straight day of being ridiculously sleepy, cold, bored, and grumpy. That is not a mood that lends itself to writing journal entries about fun things I've done, which is a shame, as I had a good weekend.

I'll just say that Jess's bachelorette party was great, and that whenever I get one of those, I hope it's as fun. Palace of Wonders + burlesque show + chatting on the deck + just a couple of drinks + late night at a diner = good time.

Lord, I'm tired. I need a vacation. Can't wait until our trip to Disney World, when I'll get a whole week out of town, but that's not until January. So right now I'm really looking forward to the four-day weekend of my birthday and Labor Day. Not that it will be particularly relaxing, as we'll be driving down to North Carolina on the Saturday, attending a wedding with a bunch of my family on Sunday, then driving back home on the Monday. But it will be fun, and it won't be work.

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