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If anyone can bring them together, Invisible Cindy can!

I bought the ingredients for tacos today. I think that I will be making tacos for dinner tonight. Are these two things related? . . . Of course they are! What kind of a question is that? Ye Gods!

I've heard from more than one source that last Sunday's X-Files is not worth the hour that I would spend to watch it. Huh. I can't judge for myself, as I haven't watched it yet, and now I'm wondering if I should even bother. Well, whatever I decide, I won't be watching it today or tomorrow. The West Wing and work and other things that start with "W" are more important.

I painted my toenails blue. Technically, the color is called "Typhoon". I call it "blue".

I'm trying to find some more photos that I know I have so that I can post them on my work-picture page. I know that you are all waiting anxiously on the edges of your seats.

Erica and I want to make T-shirts or buttons that say "Great Honk! I think Tommy Djilas is swell!" Our greatest obstacle to this noble endeavor will be finding a picture of Tommy Djilas to serve as the centerpiece. Also, having people ask us who on earth he is. But it will all be worth it if we manage to amuse ourselves. Which, of course, we always do.

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