Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

I have a tank of gentle cuttlefish

I need to recap my long weekend and Laura's visit and the wedding shower and the beach and all that, but I'm so socially burnt out right now that just thinking about that makes me tired. As I said last night, no matter how great my friends are, four heavily social days with insufficient sleep is just too much. So now I'm just trying to get through the workday until I can go home, change into comfortable clothes, and recharge. Sharif has band practice this evening, so I should be able to barricade myself in alone. I'll emerge for an hour for Project Runway with Lacey, but otherwise I'm quite looking forward to some solitude.

Lotta day left before that time, though.

Hee. Sharif just texted me to let me know not to buy myself a specific thing. How subtle and mysterious. And it's not like my birthday's coming up . . . oh wait!

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