Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

thursday for most people

It's my Friday!

Sharif and I are both taking the day off tomorrow, and there is An Agenda. I have an eye doctor appointment in the morning, for the first time in approximately 3 years. (Too long!) Sharif should be out of bed by the time I get back from that, so we can head to the mall. Lunch, most likely, then I'll probably have time to pick out and order my new glasses before we go to the movie theatre to see The Dark Knight, for which we've already bought our tickets. Once the movie is over, I can pick up the glasses. Then we'll go home and get gussied up, and then head out once again! Sushi in Baltimore, then off to see the BSO perform "Play! A Video Game Symphony". Those are the tickets that I bought for Sharif's birthday present.

I think it sounds like a pretty good day.

I'm starting out this morning with a brief stint at the reception desk, just until Diana gets in from an appointment. I'm OK with this. A chance to delay arrival at my own desk for an hour or more means that my workday seems shorter. Especially since I just spend my time up here doing internet things. Every little thing helps when you're counting down to a three-day weekend.

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