Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

weekend recap

What a good weekend! Of course, any weekend that begins at 2pm on Thursday has an unfair advantage at the start. And this one did just that.

I left the office in the early afternoon that day, with my head full of nebulous thoughts along the lines of "need to go grocery shopping" or "maybe I ought to get my hair cut" or "there is a whole mess of laundry that needs doing." But I ended up just sitting at home, playing around on the computer while the puppy napped near, against, or on me. A thouroghly uneventful afternoon, but perfectly satisfying. Lacey invited her friend Kevin over in the evening, and we drank mojitos and introduced him to Ninja Warrior.

Friday morning was spent with the Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi, and then I moved myself over to the parents' house in the afternoon when the boy left for work. Erica and Michael were also in attendance. Burgers and Boom Blox and beer and other things that don't start with "B". Spent the evening at home once Sharif got back from work. We had good roommate time with Lacey- drinking more beers, walking up to Mt De Sales in order to see the top of the end of the fireworks, watching a movie, drinking some banana rum milkshakes. Around midnight, the boy and I took a walk and ended up at the playground. We climbed on the jungle gym and went as high as we could on the swings. I hadn't had an alcohol-tinged nighttime playground jaunt since New Zealand (my flatmate Kat, a sixpack of Monteiths Summer Ale, the seesaw across the street from our place above the internet cafe in Motueka), so that was kinda lovely.

Turns out that Sharif's phone fell out of his pocket while we were swinging, which we found out the next morning. Luckily a guy from a few blocks away found it and used it to call first Ivan (far away, but able to tell him the right person to call) and then me, so it was no trouble for us to go fetch the thing. Thank goodness for nice neighbors.

ilyAIMY had an outside show in Bowie on Saturday afternoon, and it was blessedly free of rain. The parents came out for it, as did the Lubeys, since Lynn and Tom live walking distance from the place. In fact, Lynn (and therefore my mom) was aware of the show before Sharif was, which I found particularly amusing. We followed the show with a trip to Red Hot & Blue with Heather, Rob, and Peter. So you know Sharif was happy. Meat! Naps in the afternoon, Lego Indiana Jones in the evening.

I went to the mall with Erica yesterday, had a Panera souffle and helped her pick out a lovely (and incredibly discounted!) dress. Then I did nothing for the rest of the day. Well, I played the Sims and watched an Eddie Izzard DVD. And when Sharif got home from work, we played around with vacation plans. It looks like we're going to go to Florida in January. I am excited!

Oh yeah, and Sharif's car completely stopped working last night. Luckily, that didn't happen until he stopped at the Royal Farms store down the street from our house. So it was only the matter of a minute before I was able to pick him up. But today he's had to stay home and try to sort that problem out. No fun for him.

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