Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Peeking in

Well, Sharif’s birthday came and went successfully. The day before, he went to work while I stayed home to do the cleaning, shopping, and cooking. It was all terribly domestic and cliche. I loved it. The day of, we had some people over for grilling and beers. I think it was a nice number, and I had a very good time. Apparently the next door neighbors thought that the Apples to Apples players were actually having a big argument, based on what muffled sounds they could hear through the wall, so it was clearly an excellent game. And our argument sounds were made at a much more reasonable time of day than their frequent shouting matches.

I was (and am) very pleased with my birthday gift for the boy. Two tickets to ”Play! A Video Game Symphony”, as presented by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. We’re going to get dressed up and have a nice dinner beforehand, and it will all be terribly cultured. And geeky. To accompany the gift, I got him a Darth Vader card that plays the Imperial March when you open it. Of course.

This most recent weekend, while also great, was far far quieter. I miss it dearly. I’m sorta just trying slog through this week at work as uneventfully as possible. Hopefully that won’t be too hard, since it’s so quiet so far. Everyone is on vacation. I’m just keeping my eyes on Thursday at 2:00, when we close for the Fourth of July holiday. Of course, Sharif still has to work on the Fourth, which sucks. But I’ll go over to my parents’ house for burgers and Wii, and that should be fun.

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