Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

magic murder bag

I seem to be in a bad mood today.

So far, I have given an exasperated order to "shut up" to:
1. A voicemail message in which a woman explained the reason she was calling, then summarized her exact question in case it was unclear.
2. The little pop-up box in the corner of my monitor, telling me to update java.

The last one is notable in that it did not actually make any noise.

I miss the weekend.

Saturday was hot as blazes, so of course we spent most of it outside. ilyAIMY had two sets to play at the Maryland Faerie Festival, so there wasn't really much choice in the matter. I felt really sorry for the band and for the other people working there, because I found it exhausting just sitting in the shade and trying not to generate any additional heat. It did get more pleasant once the sun went down, but I have a feeling that was just a matter of perspective. Anyone who had been inside all day, bonding with their air conditioner, would probably have found the heat of the evening fairly uncomfortable. However, the lightning appeared in the distance during their second set- the set that was meant to start off the night-time festivities. It ended up being the only set of the evening's festivities, as the impending DOOM of weather called a halt to it all. We drove home through rain.

Yesterday, Sharif went to work and I didn't venture farther than the front porch. I was also completely unproductive. Video games and convenience foods.

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