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Previous Entry named after the dog May. 23rd, 2008 @ 09:04 am Next Entry
Stopping at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a 99 cent breakfast sandwich was probably the best idea that I will have all day. Especially since we're closing the office at 2:00 today (yay!), so I'm almost certainly not going to be taking a real lunch break.

I am ready for the holiday weekend. Well, OK, not literally. I still have several things that I must do before I leave the office today. But psychologically, I am ready for the long weekend. Even though Sharif has to go into work every day of it. Granted, tomorrow he'll probably just be gone for about 2 hours, but still. It's weird that I don't feel like I'm seeing more of him, even though we're now in the same house. Such extremely conflicting schedules.

Last night was a celebration of Amy's birthday (and Michael's birthday, too, though he didn't really lay claim to it). The celebration included a bunch of friends, Macaroni Grill and Indiana Jones, which seems to me to be an ideal sort of event. Oh, Indy, I've missed you. The movie was ridiculous and fun, and looked the way an Indiana Jones movie should. I'm pretty happy. Of course, Sharif missed it all because of work. I guess I will just have to go see it again. I live such a hard life.
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