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"What's all this then?"

I went to the mall with Laura today. We saw Rohini there. I did not buy $75 worth of clothing, even though it only would have cost $50. That would be $50 more than I could afford. But, man, those Lerner coupons are temptation made . . . you know, that word that means that an abstract concept has become something that you can touch and see? What is the word I'm looking for here? Man!

Anyway, point is, it's a good thing that I don't have coupons (or an employee discount) at bookstores, or I would never have any money at all. Forget buying a car, moving out of my parents' house, or any of that. It would be all about the books.

Concrete! No. That's not quite the word I was looking for. Drat.

I need to fly in the morning. I don't want to. It's probably a good thing that this job will be ending soon, because I'm far less interested and far more annoyed by it than I have been in the past. However, this new attitude may be a result of the fact that the job is nearing its end. Which is cause and which is effect? I just don't know!

I really want to go on vacation. I am looking forward to June.

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