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Previous Entry need a nap May. 2nd, 2008 @ 10:38 am Next Entry
ilyAIMY played at the 13th Floor at the Belvedere last night. I was surprised to hear about that, since it's pretty different from most of the places I see them play. But I hadn't been up there in ages, so I was looking forward to it. We got there at 8:00 for equipment load-in. There were three bands playing, and ilyAIMY was last, so they didn't even get on stage until Midnight. And the sound mixing that worked just fine for the first two bands was somehow muddied for the last. But Sharif and I shared a really tasty pizza, I had a few drinks, we had a table right by the window so that we could look down at the lights of Baltimore, and the late start did mean that Lacey was able to reach us after the Eddie Izzard show but before their set started. So I had a fairly nice night of it, although I'm paying for the shortened sleep schedule today.

The dorkiest thing about last night came about because I accidentally left my phone at home. I was supposed to send Lacey a text message to let her know when the set was due to start, so I was pretty annoyed with myself. I considered using Sharif's phone to call Erica to ask her to call Rohini to ask her for Lacey's number. Instead, I used Rowan's iPhone to look up my address-book backup file on the Verizon website. That ended up being a lot more complicated than it sounds, but it was ultimately successful. Adventures in phone-forgetting!

Today it's supposedly getting up to 80 degrees outside, but in here at my desk, I'm wearing a sweater. Such is life.
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