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Mmm mm, like me some Kahlua and Coke. Yup.

Rohini and I went into DC to see the cherry blossoms today. Very pretty. Last time I saw them, half of them were on the ground already, and the other half were being blown down by the mighty breeze of the day. Not so, today. It was a beautiful day to see the trees. Of course, everyone else in the mid-atlantic region thought so too, so it was rather crowded. And driving through College Park to get to and from the Metro stop was downright horrible. I hate traffic.

Speaking of driving through College Park- I passed a frat house in my travels today, and you could tell they'd been out partying (rioting?) all night. There was junk everywhere. There was also a single plume of smoke drifting lazily to the sky, as if the party (riot?) had lasted until the exact moment that I came into sight.

I need to see The Fellowship of the Ring again. Yes, I've already seen it three times, but not with the special preview for The Two Towers on the end! And time is running out! It could be out of the theatres at any moment!
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