Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


I need to find a yoga class. Or get a massage. Or both. I feel like every muscle in my body is tight, and it's making it really difficult for me to sit and type and concentrate on work today. The stretching that I am able to do at or near my desk is insufficient. I want to go home, change into my most comfy clothes, and stretch every bit of me.

Of course, the restlessness isn't helped by the snow that's falling. The view from my window is distracting. The grass is looking powdery, and the elevated parking lot is covered. It's a perfect day to be home with cocoa. Instead, I have to sit and type and run reports.

Oh dear, I can actually hear my shoulders moving. That's weird. I just have to concentrate on the evening. I am going to have the house to myself. I will make myself a good dinner, and I shall relax. And stretch. I can't wait.

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