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Previous Entry hand me down Nov. 19th, 2007 @ 02:51 pm Next Entry
Hmm, new monitor.

One of our IT techs just came in with a cart and switched out my old, massive, PC-beige computer monitor for a slightly less gigantic black one. It's no widescreen flat panel, but it's an improvement. And now my desk looks weird. Possibly this is because it is lacking the ridiculous amount of dust that I cleared out of the corner in between the removal of the old monitor and the installation of the new.

It's definitely used, though, so I wonder who got a brand new fancy model to free up this one for my use? Eh, actually, I don't care. New monitor! Woo!

Today has been actually OK, for a Monday. I was rested when I got out of bed (on time!) this morning, I chose a cute outfit on which I have been complimented a few times already, I stopped to pick up a mocha and a muffin on the way in, I spent some time training for some new duties I'll be picking up next month, went to Panera for soup and half a sandwich. And the phone has been (knock wood) reasonably quiet. Plus, I know that it's a short week. And oh, I do love Thanksgiving.
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