Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


Talking with Courtney just now, she outlined a normal Friday evening for her and her husband:

Her: I sometimes think that if people could peek into my house, they'd find it very sad. I sit on the couch with my laptop, playing The Sims. He's at the console, shooting people in Call of Duty. Then I fall asleep, and he keeps playing until 4am.
Me: That's . . . that's exactly the Friday night Sharif and I had this weekend.

Hee. I loaded a bunch of expansion packs into The Sims last night, and then Sim-Joanna took Sim-Sharif on a Sim-date. I think it went well. I also made Sim-Peanut, who is adorable but pees on the floor, and I gave myself a fictional cat.

I promise that I will not be devoting this journal to accounts of my computer games. Very much. It's just . . . that's what I've been doing.

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