Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Just wait till Spore is released. You'll never see me again.

I have a laptop now! Actually, I ordered it on the 3rd and it was officially in my hands this past Friday night. It's lovely. Dell Inspiron 1520 (spring green), with 15.4" widescreen. I got a little wireless mouse that's also green, and I have ordered a bag that should coordinate nicely. It's all so pretty!

But more importantly, it is also a far far better computer than my desktop, which is several years old. I could look up the technical details to explain here, but I just don't feel like it. Sharif helped me work it all out when ordering. The exciting thing is that I can finally play the Sims 2 properly, which I've had for ages and my old computer has never liked. Now the game loads in a couple of minutes instead of twenty, and I can scroll around the screen whenever I want . . . it actually works, you see. And on Sunday I remembered that I could at last buy The Movies! So I did. And now all I want to do is create people and make them study cooking, then make ridiculous movies featuring guys in 1920s suits. Or gorilla suits, as the case may be.

Anyway, this is why I am sleepy. This time.

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