Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

"Back in the closet, you pantomimetic royal person!"

There was something in particular that I was going to post here. I was thinking about it for quite awhile. But it's totally gone now, so you have to deal with whatever happens to come into my head in the next couple of minutes instead of a well-thought-out flow of words.

We get a comic-relief-type X-Files next week! This should be interesting, as I don't believe that there have been any of that sort since Mulder left. Because Mulder was the funny one. So now they have to bring in funny people from outside. Hmm.

I really should get to sleep. I spent far too much of today in front of the computer accomplishing nothing. Well, I did make my journal all flowery and spring-like, but in the long run that will not bring me joy or love or wealth or even . . . um . . . anything at all. Pretzels. It won't even bring me pretzels.

Stupid thing to point out, really.

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