Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

here comes the rain

I would like to be

1. Asleep in my bed
2. Reading a book on a covered porch
3. In a coffee shop with a book and a mocha and a bagel
4. In my pajamas on the couch, watching old movies

Yeah, those are the top four. You'll notice that nowhere on that list will you find "In the office, drinking mediocre coffee, wearing shoes that don't really go with my clothes." Weird.

I need to put together a Halloween costume. I've waited ridiculously late, I know, and that means that the idea that I'd been nursing for months is going to have to remain just an idea for now. Which means that I have need of something easy. Preferably something for which I already have most of the requirements. I was at a loss, but some intensive workshopping (read as: "talking to Jess and Ro") at open mic last night led to something that might work. I'll stop by the shopping center on my way home today to see if I can find the bits I'm missing.

Sigh. Somebody cancel Wednesday, OK?

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