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for the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead

There is an XBox 360 game called Portal. It was released last week on a disk with a few other games, which Sharif bought right away. This particular game is the only one on that disk that I am likely to play. I started playing it on Friday night after dinner. I finished it the next morning. It's not a long game, clearly, but it is unusual, funny, challenging, and fun. And its ending credits feature a song written especially for the purpose by Jonathan Coulton, which is itself funny, cute, and extremely catchy. Sharif and I have been singing this song practically nonstop since Saturday morning. At one point we actually had to turn off the car radio, because it was interfering with the song in our heads. It has taken over.

All of this is offered to you as a means of pre-explanation. I will probably still be singing this song when next you see me. It will not make much sense to you. I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Aside from the gaming and the singing, two things happened this weekend:

1. We went to see the sister in the Laurel Mill Playhouse's production of And Then There Were None. I surprised myself by remembering whodunnit from my reading of the book ever so many years ago, when I didn't think that I remembered anything. Even though I knew that, it was enjoyable. Erica sure is a good nasty bitter woman.

2. We (meaning "almost entirely Sharif") finally made use of the beercan chicken cooker that my parents gave the boy for his birthday. 2/3 can of beer, a bunch of herbs, a whole chicken, and a grill. Really good food. It was our first time ever cooking a whole chicken, and it was remarkably non-traumatic. I admit that I did leave the sticking-of-the-hand-inside-the-bird-carcass to the boy.

Today it is a lovely day outside, I am super cute in my dress and boots, and there is cheesecake. Life's OK.

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