Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

pronounced "Weekels Peeshull"

There is a Ramada Inn next to the Arbys that we frequent. This hotel, as hotels do, has one of those signs with the removable letters- so you can say "Happy 50th Anniversary, Midge & Filbert" one day, and "Welcome Cereal Convention" the next. This particular sign, we think, was meant to say "WELCOME. WEEKLY SPECIALS." However, what it actually said for quite a long time was:


We decided that Weekls Pecial was a man. Probably a small guy, accountant-type, fairly meek. He definitely has glasses. Probably not very much hair. We grew inordinately fond of little Weekls Pecial. I felt sorry for him, as he was living in a Ramada Inn in a not-particularly-interesting area outside of Baltimore city. Why was he there? We'll never know. He's moved on now, or at least the sign has been changed. It's something spelled correctly now. But I miss Weekls Pecial.

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