Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


I left work an hour early yesterday, and used that time to soak in hot water in my parents' bathtub. They fed me and let me drink their orange juice, and made concerned parental noises, which is always nice. I was at home in bed around 9:00, and woke up feeling rather more alive. Today I'm coughing to the point that I expect to dislodge some important internal organ, but at least I can breathe, which is a vast improvement. I'm also able to carry on conversations, so I think I'm into the recovery stage. At least the worst of it only lasted one day.

And I should be even better tomorrow for Lauratime! If I ended up being as miserable as yesterday all through my scheduled days off, then it would have been a real problem. So hooray for the immune system.

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