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Talking to myself - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About Talking to myself

Previous Entry Talking to myself Sep. 21st, 2007 @ 08:44 am Next Entry
Here is the conversation I had with my body this morning:

me: I guess I should get out of bed.
body: Are you kidding? Do you remember that party last night? We must be totally hung over.
me: What? We have to go to work.
body: There were like a billion people there! And an open bar! C'mon! We're totally ill this morning.
me: But we only had three drinks. And we left a little after 10:00. You're delusional.
body: Woozy! Headache!
me: OK, I'm going to brush our teeth. That'll make us feel more human.
body: Hmm, that does seem a bit . . . no! Hangover! That was a party!
me: I'm getting us into the shower now. Isn't that hot water nice?
body: Oh. Oh, you're right. We're fine.

Cacie gave me and Sharif a couple of extra tickets that she had for the City Paper's Best of Baltimore party last night. There was free food and an open bar, and neither was quite as difficult to access as I feared. Sure, you had to wade through a ridiculous crowd of people to get to them, but once you found the actual spot, there was hardly any waiting. The thing was held at the Museum of Industry, which is quite conveniently located for us, and which turns out to be an awesome place for an event. Interesting and spacious, indoors and outdoors, right by the harbor. And they had mojitos.

I was in bed before midnight, despite the activities, and I really do feel fine now. I don't know what my body was on about. Now I just have to get through this last day at work before the weekend and Laura!
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