Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

and i didn't have my camera

Last night was kittens. 7 tiny (eight-week-old) kittens at open mic, there to be given to anyone who wanted one. Well, anyone who wanted one and was also able to take one. I, having several reasons that I shouldn't have a kitty (allergic boyfriend, allergic roommate, house with hyper puppy), simply spent all evening playing with one. Or petting one as she slept in my lap. Or allowing one to climb onto my shoulders. And trying to convince other people that they wanted to take a kitten home.

The point is . . . kittens. In the end, I think that all but one found a new home, so I'm pleased for them. I'm sure that last kitty will be claimed soon.

I would have loved to bring one of the kitties to live in my office. She could have a bed under my desk, and have the freedom to wander the place at night. She could sit on my lap while I work. Alas for the corporate environment.

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