Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

I didn't even TRY to convince myself to go for soup & salad

We went to the Olive Garden for lunch today, for a birthday celebration. I ordered a gnocchi dish . . . basically, it was Italian chicken & dumplings, with a thick creamy cheesy sauce. Oh lord, I am so full. I need a nap. And I may never eat again.

Well, you know. Until this evening.

It's a quiet day at the office, and I'm getting some necessary organizational things done around here. Much more productive than yesterday, when I kept telling myself to stop reading through the archives of this webcomic, and failing miserably. Now that I've completed the readthrough, however, I can finally get something done.

Ooh, have you seen the Prince Caspian poster? I have now, thanks to the boyfriend. Pretty!

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