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No matter how good my weekend has been, I get mopey on Sunday night. It's inevitable, but it is annoying, because by concentrating on the fact that I have to go to work in the morning, I'm essentially making the nice part of the weekend shorter. Lousy system.

But up until that whole Sunday-night-is-stupid thing, the weekend actually was quite good. Friday night Sharif and I went out for burgers, spent a good long time in the bookstore, then finally finally got to see Stardust. I enjoyed it, and can now go back and read people's reactions from weeks ago.

Saturday meant that I got to see the Lubey's new place, which turns out to be an awesome location for a party- as we demonstrated quite well. TJ's visit home was celebrated with food and beer and music and badminton and croquet and many people. I only watched the "sporting" activities, but Sharif played. In fact, he was croquet champion. The Boy is so talented. Also extroverted, which certainly helps when thrown into a large group of people who already know each other, of whom he previously knew only a fraction.

Sunday was clear and beautiful and a perfect day for the Takoma Park Folk Festival. I saw ilyAIMY's set of course, and some of Tinsmith before I had to go help carry equipment. And there was a Paul Simon tribute, which I quite enjoyed. There's something to be said for sitting in the sun (or in the very localized shade provided by a tiny tree), surrounded by people you like, listening to music you like. (That something is "Awesome!") The craft section was small and consisted almost entirely of glass jewelry, pottery, and tie-dye, but the falafel sandwiches and the "Lime Fizz" were tasty. After it was all over, I lost Sharif for awhile, but only because I wasn't clever enough to realize that he had to be at the House of Musical Traditions tent, playing around with the instruments there. Foolish me!

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