Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


For a second there, I forgot that it was Friday! I was sitting at my desk, thinking about work things but having a fairly pleasant morning (stopped for a mocha on the way to the office, my boss brought me a hash brown from McDonalds, Bree and I made fun of the manequins at Forever 21 for awhile, had some good news about a project that's been causing stress, wearing new shoes, the office is chilly but not actually arctic). Saw the date on my phone, matched it to the calendar on my desk . . . Hey, it's not Thursday!

I so rarely get that kind of surprise.

A friend has invited Sharif and me to join him at a dance class this evening. That is all of the information I have. What kind of dance? What time? What does it cost? Most importantly . . . what do the women usually wear? I just don't know. If we end up going, I'm going to need some advance recon or something. Maybe a spare outfit in the car?

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