Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

finally some swimming

What a good weekend!

The Friday night ilyAIMY show at the Perk was fun, despite the heat. A last-minute substitution meant that The Great Outdoor Fight took the stage to open, which meant that Sharif and Rowan were basically playing all night. Jess, Erica, and I made a few exquisite corpses, which are proving to be not particularly scannable, due to their pencil-ness.

Saturday was mostly lazy, although Sharif and I did rouse ourselves long enough to go to the bathing suit store in Catonsville, which amazingly had exactly what we needed. I found a suit that I love for 50% off an already slightly discounted price, which is a big deal. After that, we investigated the new coffee shop that has appeared on Edmondson Ave, and discovered that they make excellent frozen beverages, and that they have incredible-looking gelato. We must go back there soon to sample their wares in more depth.

That night there was another ilyAIMY show, this one in a new venue for them, a bar in Pasadena. It's in a largely residential area, and they don't serve food, so the boy and I stopped into a convenience store nearby in hopes of finding something to eat. "Meats & More" doesn't look like much, and we were expecting to be eating beef jerky and mini donuts. However, we ended up with two lovely, fresh-made cold cut subs. They were SO good. The show was a lot of fun, White Rose Confession rocked the place, the bar regulars were attentive, and the pitchers of beer were $7. A positive experience.

Sunday, lazy morning, Gwen's farewell in the afternoon and into the night. I taught a baby "what an octopus does". (It wiggles its arms.) I witnessed a forever-long game of Cranium. I made up a song about a giraffe and mostly didn't get to pet the kitty. All was fun.

And then I got a day off! Erica, Sharif and I wanted to go to the beach, but the morning dawned grey and damp, and we weren't sure we would go. After a substantial diner brunch, however, the sun came out, and we decided to give it a try. We went to Sandy Point State Park, on this side of the Chesapeake Bay, and aside from the difficulty of getting there (there was an accident on the bridge which prevented cars from crossing, which prevented us from getting to our exit until we took matters into our own hands), it was exactly what I needed. Sand and salt water and sunshine. Next time, I will remember to bring the giant beach towel and we will pack a picnic. Also, when I say "I will put on sunscreen when we get there", I will remember to put on sunscreen when we get there.

I am far too amused by a taco bell radio commercial in which a quesadilla shows up at an office to fill in for a sick employee. "No typing, just more filling!" It's so dumb. Also, while scanning the stations, I heard someone say "You can't be a pimp in a prostitute suit." That phrase has been running through my head for a day now.

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