Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

some good

Sharif came to have lunch with me, I've decided to take Monday off, and it's looking like I may take the next Monday as well. Those facts have worked together to make me feel rather better. Still bored, but no longer wanting to kick people. Also, I brought my apple from Panera back to the office with me, which means that I can have a nice snack in a bit.

Decorating the employee bulletin board really is the highlight of my month. I decided to make August ocean-themed, and I've created a bunch of fishes floating around the board inside bubbles. They are mostly the same clip-art fish in different sizes, but one of them is a fish skeleton. It pleases me greatly. I used to go to the craft store and buy scrapbooking supplies to use on the board, but lately I've been relying on cut-and-paste construction paper combined with clip art and Word. This new way is more satisfying.

Finally, I saw a preview for the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones video game. It won't be out for another year, but still I am so excited.

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