Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

seems reasonable

There's good food waiting for me for lunch. But right now, I really really want a salad. And I think that if your body is telling you to eat a bunch of vegetables, that is probably a good time to go out and eat a bunch of vegetables.

And this way, at least in theory, I'll have good food waiting for me for lunch tomorrow.

In other news, Lacey and the puppy both came home from extended trips yesterday, and Hans is about a pound heavier, but still just as interested in licking your nose. He was flailing about last night, trying to get the best angle for full contact licking, and ended up hitting me in the face with one paw. I now have a small red scratch under one eye, which I may well blame on "that cute little skinny, wiggly guy" if you ask me about it. So don't go reporting Sharif to the police, or anything.

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