Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

In case I wasn't clear. It's enjoyable to play.

Thursday morning, I flirted with calling in sick.

OK, that's not true. Calling In Sick winked at me from across the room, and I studiously avoided his gaze and then got purposefully overinvolved in a conversation with the person next to me.

I choose to end the metaphor there, because after that point it has the potential to enter "creepy" territory. I totally did call in sick on Friday. For good reason. You don't want details. I had to cancel lunch with Rohini and Erica, which was sad, but necessary.

I was feeling better by the end of the day, although I really didn't eat very much this weekend. Friday dinner I had blueberries and a corn on the cob. Saturday night I had one piece of pizza. Sunday I started a bowl of pho, but didn't get very far. But now I am hungry! That's good.

If you ignore its unfortunate (if early) beginning, the weekend was quite good. Sharif and I went kayaking on Saturday, which was amazing. The only problem was that one of the other people with us had someplace to be in the afternoon, and we all came in her car, so we only got to be on the water for about an hour. If we'd known ahead of time, we would have arranged transportation differently. But the brief time we had was fantastic- the day was gorgeous, the water was perfect on our feet when we dangled them out of the boats, the temperature was the best it's been in ages.

We also got to the Festival of Song in time for Cacie's set, although we sadly missed Ash. (Sorry, Ash!) And then there was fun to be had at Jess and Dan's place.

Yesterday was far less active. We repotted the mint plant. I bought Super Paper Mario for the Wii, and then spent 4 hours playing it. I wish I was at home right now, so I could play some more. What I'm saying here is that it is a fun game.

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