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Unrelated Paragraphs

I have "Norwegian Wood" stuck in my head. It's been there all day. The problem is, I don't know most of the words, and when I try to sing it, it sounds rather awful. For awhile this evening, my mind tried to do me a favor and insert a different song, but chose for some reason the unbearable "Back to One", or whatever it's called, by Brian McKnight. So now "Norwegian Wood" is back and I am grateful.

The name of the prettiest cat in the world is Marmalade. Marmalade is 14 years old and diabetic, has a heart murmur, has difficulty walking, eats very little, and doesn't purr anymore. Until very recently, she used to purr louder than any other cat in the history of history. This is not exagerration. The vet would have to scare her in order to make her stop purring long enough to allow her to listen to her heartbeat. My kitty is in her decline, and that makes me sad.

I bought a suede jacket today. It cost $60. I like it very much. "I like it VERY MUCH!" That quote was purely for Erica.

I flew yesterday for the first time in over a week. Both flights had very few passengers, but I understand that that is not unusual for the time of year. I have to believe it, as I have no experience to the contrary. We stayed in Cancun for a few hours, but it was rainy and kind of chilly, so it wasn't much fun. I was glad to get home and get some sleep.

Today was EXTREMELY dull. So dull, that there is absolutely nothing that I did today to type in here, except for the jacket-buying bit. Which I've already done. So I guess that this is the end of the entry.

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