Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

at least it isn't monday

When asked how my Fourth of July went, my answer has been "wet." Sharif and I went to Frederick, as ilyAIMY had a slot at the festival there. We got there over an hour before they were scheduled to set up, so we spent some time walking around, then sat by the lake and attempted to recruit ducks to be our minions- this is difficult to do, it turns out, especially if you have no food to offer. Ducks are not easily persuaded by verbal arguments. While we sat there, it started to rain lightly, but it was a very light rain that felt good in the heat of the day. It rained rather harder for awhile after that, but cleared up mostly for their slot. I was able to sit on the blanket (intelligently supplied by Kerri and Sean) without fear of drenching.

In fact, it cleared up only for ilyAIMY, apparently. The skies grumbled and opened up only one song into the Even So set, and we in the audience huddled under a tent through the worst of it. Sharif and I took advantage of a break in the clouds to get some food and a beer, and managed to visit the petting zoo and to hear Blue Oyster Cult sing "Don't Fear the Reaper." Then we gave up. Back to the car just before the hard rain started again, and back to his place to doze on the couch while the kids outside with firecrackers competed with the thunder.

Today I feel that I have the beginnings of a cold, and I wish only to sit in a hot bath. Alas, I fear it is not to be.

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