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The Chipmunk Parade

There are wild boars, rhinocerouses (rhinoceri? rhinocerii?), bears, and Hagrid scurrying through the undergrowth by the Trolley Trail in Ellicott City.

Not really. But this is the kind of thing that is discussed when I'm walking with Erica and my mom.

I flew two days in a row. Woo. There's really not much to say about that, although we had the best Irish pilot (meaning our favorite) on Friday morning, and he said that everything would be "Tickety-boo". Yes.

uhhhhhhh . . .

Rohini linked to Friendbear. That made me happy. My favorite was about a hat. Although there was a funny one about a cat parade that I quite enjoyed. I saw them a long time ago, though, so I don't remember anything about them. Except that they were funny.

I want to design chess sets.

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