Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

maybe my desk is in the southern hemisphere?

I just stole the space heater from under Bree's desk, since she is out today. It is ridiculous how cold it is in here. It is officially summertime now. I should not have to wear a wool sweater and keep a heater at my feet, but that is what I am doing. Somehow or other, I seem to have the coldest spot in the entire office. The air conditioning vent above my desk has been blowing cold air down my neck continuously from the moment I sat down.

Oh, the heater feels great by my feet, though. I should have known better than to wear sandals to work.

I need to decide what to do for lunch. I believe that the plan for this evening is to eat a whole lot of food, but not until late. So I guess that won't have a lot of effect on my lunch plans. As so often happens, I really want a burrito.

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