Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i have wii arm

Wow, I'm not tired. I'm alert and relatively cheerful. This is . . . unbelievable, actually, considering that it's mid-afternoon on a Monday at work. The only thing that I can think of that differentiates today from any other Monday is the V8 that Cacie inspired me to drink this morning. Did that do it? If so, it's a wonder drink and I should keep it around always.

Thanks to everyone who came to our cookout on Saturday! I had an excellent time, and my Wii is now populated with a true wealth of friendly Miis. When not occupied with waving at the television, some of us danced a number of truly inspired dances. My personal best reaction came from "Spiking the punch at a high school dance", although "Ant defending his territory" was fun, as was "Fending off vampires".

When I was cleaning up the truly impressive number of empty bottles the next morning, I discovered an untouched six-pack of a malt beverage called "Mojito". Clearly, Sharif was not made aware of its existence while he remained conscious. We may have to give it a try this evening.

Sunday, Father's Day, consisted of Wii bowling and tennis, golf on the TV, and lasagna. Basically, it was exactly what it should have been.

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