Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

want cheese

We bought a massive quantity of brie and french bread when we went to the grocery store yesterday. I ate quite a bit, and Sharif and Ben each had some, but there's still more than half of it left. The cheese is currently in their fridge, completely inaccessible to me. And I am sitting at my desk right now, craving it. So much so that I will probably end up going to Chicken Out to buy lunch, because they have a lovely grilled chicken and brie sandwich. In fact, I'm sure that will happen.

I had a lovely weekend, mostly made up of sitting on the porch and petting dogs. Sharif and I had planned to go biking on Sunday, but decided that the clouds were too threatening, so opted for more porch-sitting and dog-petting. We also had a trip to Sakura with the visiting Oklahoma relatives. I failed to catch the chicken that the chef threw at me, but I did get my drink in a Lucky-Cat-shaped vessel that I got to keep. Erica's was the best, though, as she got a shark.

OK, yes. Food now. Brie!

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