Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

some things that are pretty great

Amy's birthday was yesterday, and I think that she was well celebrated last night. Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was when Adam (our friendly waiter-person) came up "sneakily" and passed over a small note addressed to me. Surprised, I opened it up and found that it said "Joanna, Amy needs cake! Please check one:" It then listed three options. (I chose lemon. I hope I chose well.) Adam is good people.

One of Amy's birthday presents was a dragon. It's a lovely piece, and I'm sure it's a specific sort or brand or something, but I am not well-acquainted with it and therefore will not be able to find here is a picture to illustrate what I am describing. I can tell you that the dragon is standing on a rock in a threatening pose. At its feet, about the size of one of its toes, is a woman in a Princess Leia outfit, who is holding one end of a chain. The other end of the chain is attached to the tail of the dragon. Across from them is a knight, the same scale as the woman, and therefore also tiny tiny in comparison to the dragon. The dragon's wings are spread, and when you turn the figure to look at the back . . . you see that each wing has an eye spot! To scare away the predators? Awesome.

So last night was pretty great, company-wise and music-wise, and I still managed to get a restful amount of sleep. Today I am more than halfway through my shortened workweek and I have plenty of work to keep me occupied. Maybe I want to go to Baja Fresh for lunch. That would be pretty great too.

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