Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

incomplete sentences, mostly

Happy Birthday to the Amy! For you I use a kitten icon!

Some things that happened this weekend: An ilyAIMY show that was inside because of weather but amazingly not painfully cramped. Paper airplanes throughout the Perk. Lazy Friday afternoon with a puppy and a book in the sunshine. Fancy graduation dinner for Sharif's sister with that family. Fancy French restaurant, fancy appetizers that I did not eat, soup-that-is-like-a-bisque-but-has-no-cream, giant porkchop, creme brulee. Late to bed. Sunday morning at the Maryland Faerie Festival, an ilyAIMY show, people with wings. Tiny girls in sparkles. Fire spinning. A house on the back of a turtle. A few minutes of rain.

I have a four-day weekend approaching, and I am filled with joy at the prospect. I hope the sun shines.

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