Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


I almost always spell "independent" wrong. (I replace that last e with an a.) I always have to concentrate to get the proper spelling of "restaurant". I only type out the word "necessary" when it's absolutely . . . required.

Those are the big three. On the whole, I think I'm pretty consistently good at spelling. But with those three words, I'm so aware that I often get them wrong, I second-guess myself into forgetting which spelling I'm trying to avoid. Just typing out the first paragraph here, I checked all three of them against, just to make sure.

Lucky I don't have to take dictation! I'd probably panic if my boss told me to write somthing about how she can't go to a chain, because it's "neccessary to support the independant restaraunts."

Apparently I'm taking hypothetical dictation in a food-service-related industry? Ok.
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