Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

out of synch

This crazy week has had an unanticipated result: I keep having to remind myself that today is Friday instead of Tuesday.

In the week since I last posted, many things have happened.

Fri. Went out to dinner with the newly-returned Sharif, his bandmates, Kristi, and Heather's parents, then stayed until late at Heather's parents' house playing with the Wii. Received many good hugs. Created a brand new business plan with the help of Kristi, which shall perhaps be detailed later.

Sat. Had a cookout at Sharif and Ben's place, where I made a vat of Sangria which was finished off very quickly. A lot of that went into me. Had an excellent time and further sympathetic hugs. Made travel reservations.

Sun. Stuck around Sharif's place. Ivan came by. More grilling and more sangria.

Mon. Slow start to the morning, then packing. Sharif drove me and Erica to the airport in the afternoon. Our arrival in Houston was like clockwork, with our ride reaching the pickup area just as we were exiting the doors. Got to Grandma's house at 11:30pm and fell into sleep after a quick sandwich.

Tue. The memorial service for Grandpa. My uncle David officiated, and he asked me to begin the service with a reading of Psalm 23. Of course I agreed, and I was grateful for the chance to have a role. So many people came, many stories were told, there was laughter, as there should be at any celebration of a life. There were tears. There was a smaller (but still massive) family gathering afterwards at Aunt Karen's house, where we ate food and drank beers (and wine. and gin & tonics. and champagne.) and shared family time. There was a lovely slideshow. As we drove back to her house, Grandma said something along the lines of "He would really have enjoyed that. He just wouldn't have stayed so late."

Wed. Awake at 4am. At the airport at 5:30am. On an airplane by 7am. We arrived in North Carolina just in time for our scheduled second flight. Except that the second flight was delayed. And then delayed again. And again. Eventually we got on the plane half an hour after we were supposed to be home. Once back in Baltimore, Sharif took me to his place, where he made me dinner and gave me a beer. I fell asleep on the deck, then on the living room floor, then on the couch, then on his bed. I decided it was time to go home.

Thu. One of the busiest work days ever. Apparently my department exploded while I was gone. I got nowhere near caught up. Home after work for sandwiches and House. I am now finished with the first season and full of despair. Well, eager for the next season, anyway.

Our cousin Kirsten is apparently coming into town over Memorial Day weekend to visit a friend. Erica and I tried to convince her that everyone who lives here refers to the city as "The Baltimore". She knows that we made it up right then, but now it has to stick. So, people. The Baltimore.

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