Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

House and home

My sister is my dealer. My contact at the public library. If she sees a new book come in from an author that she knows I like, she checks it out right away and delivers it straight to me. She recently, at my request, got me the DVDs of the first season of House. I'm almost halfway through and I still have two weeks before they are due back, but I find myself wanting to go home right now and watch more. Even though there was a horrible eye-needle segment in the last episode I watched. Need more!

Sharif comes home tomorrow. So good. There are far too many contradictory plans for Saturday. I'm fairly certain that we're going to stick to the one that involves not going anywhere. Since that plan also involves eating plenty of food and making sure we have lots of alcohol on hand, it seems like a pretty good plan to me. The boy tells me that he's ready to stay in one place, specifically to avoid interaction with cars, for a day or two. Sorry, furry things and also movable artwork.

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